Our law firm is a register member of the Citizenship by Investment scheme and it may assist you with all the required procedures and documentation needed for preparing your application for Cyprus Permanent Residence and/or Cyprus Citizenship by Investment.

The Citizenship by Investment program is a subject that is being discussed a lot, nowadays. Many investors for all over the world wish to acquire an additional citizenship, as they consider it, as a valuable asset for them and their families, since in most case is transferable to future generations.

For sure some citizenship schemes may not be continued forever, therefore time matters.

Investors, who desire to acquire an additional citizenship, should proceed, without any delay, by selecting the Citizenship by Investment program that will meet their business and family requirements.

Our company, Chambersfield Economides Kranos has a great expertise in proposing Citizenship by Investment schemes to Ultra – High – Net Worth (UHNW) and High-net-worth (HNW) individuals, as well as business investors, around the globe.

Citizenship through an investment represents a lifetime asset for the owners, their family and the overall level of their quality of life. A dual Citizenship owner can enjoy great advantages through the additional nationality including safety, less travelling restrictions and official procedures, flexibility in tax restructuring and transfer of funds, as well as, acquisition of full residences rights with all the related advantages.

Additionally, the dual citizenship privileges, according to the selected scheme, are transferrable to next generations.  This characteristic is one of many, which uplifts the value of the asset for the owners and their families.

It is noteworthy to mention that a dual citizenship owner has the same rights with a citizen, who was born in the specific country, like access to educational system, business operation, holding of bank accounts, property ownership and a lot more. Through the visa free regime, dual citizenship owners have the advantage of travelling between countries, without having to acquire a long-stay visa or asked about the purpose of their travel.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Scheme

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